I screwed up.

I screwed up this past week, ish, maybe in more ways than I should have! I only worked out one day! Traveling messes me up and my routine. I have very little discipline or self control when I’m out and about like this. Food wise I did okay, mostly meat and vegetables except for one day when I had a delicious burger, no regrets given there. It is kind of hard to stay focused when traveling.

What probably did the most damage was the drinking, too much beer! I made a goal to try as many of the local beers as I could. Also I made new friends and they can be a bad influence, or so I tell myself (😏). Not gonna lie, I’m already missing them a bit πŸ˜….

Okay, that being said, tomorrow it’s Monday and we are back into it β€” full force! I have goals and they must β€” they will β€” be met!

Gabz @Gabz