Opportunities for bad ideas.

I was listening to this podcast, called NOS REIREMOS DE ESTO! (We will laugh at this!). I am not a hundred percent sure of the idea or the premise of the show. All I know is that they’re two comedians in Miami and they’ve got a show. Though the reason I am listening is that their guest in this episode is Chente Ydrach. He is a Youtuber, podcaster and comedian from back home that I listen to often and he’s currently on tour in the US, a comedy tour. He is part of a group of comedians and they do improv, I believe its called Esoez. As he was explaining to the hosts about the group, he mentioned a motto or tagline that they’ve come up with to best describe the group’s intention or the idea behind the group, in away.

“Dándole Buenas Oportunidades a malas ideas” (Giving good opportunities to bad ideas).

That resonated with me. If this blog had a tagline, that would probably be it right there. I do nothing but give myself the opportunity – or liberty – to express and put out in the form of writing tons and tons of bad and/or dumb ideas/thoughts.

So yeah, if you have a’dumb' thought and think it might be a bad idea – publish it!.

Gabz @Gabz