Too much time in my hands.

I loath, slow days! Too much time in my hands! And I get bored. And then I start fiddling with things. I start messing up with my site, messing up with my iPhone’s home screen and breaking things because that’s what you do. I don’t like it, at all. But at least it made me realize that the fact I keep changing things around, at least on my website, is not that I am not a hundred percent happy with the look or whatever. The problem is that I just get bored and fiddling with my site keeps me busy and “entertained”. I have somewhat found a “healthy” way to do so. Instead of fiddling with my blog-site, I can use the test-blog-site to play around without actually changing my principal blog-site.

My phone, well it is kind of the same, if I get bored I will start messing and moving things around just because. Also having nothing to do makes up for an opportunity to overthink stuff and guessing every desition I have made so far. Do I really need this task-manager (🔔) app? Or. Do I really want to keep my Instagram and or twitter….ect, etc?

And also allows for insignificant posts like this one.

Gabz @Gabz