Puerto Rico Twitter.

We all have our issues with the social media silos and especially with twitter. Most of us claim there’s a lot of hate, harassment and anger, among other stuff. However, I can say that I have been pretty good keeping the things mentioned above out off my timeline for the most part. Definitely not a hundred percent but tolerable enough. Until recently! Recently I started to follow more people from back home (Puerto Rico)and I gotta say, I now see more hate and outrage (for a good reasons, though) than ever in my timeline. Yes, there are fucked-up things happening in the island right now and people are outraged — as they should. But after a while it becomes too much, and more so when they use the current situation to spread rage and anger about other stuff that have nothing to do to the original issue. And that’s when I get an issue with and my twitter timeline becomes intolerable. I should have stayed following the same three Puerto Rican cats.

Gabz @Gabz