Morning routines.

I remember reading, or probably hearing somewhere about all of us have a morning routine, or more like a ritual before doing wroky stuff. For example, every morning when I arrive at the office, I am usually not done with my coffee so I dock the computer, unlock it and open chrome, coffee on hand. The first thing I do is to open on the browser, check for any mentions I might have missed while I was slumbering. Then I scroll down the timeline. As I scroll down I may see some blog posts people have posted and I open those on a different tab and keep scrolling ( 🎶 keep scrollin', scrollin', scrollin' (what?)… Now I know why’all be lovin' this shit right here 🎶 – No doesn’t ring a bell, alright) and opening new tabs. Then I read those blog posts. Soon after I go to the Feedbin website to see what’s on my RSS feed, only to find out the same posts I have already read from the timeline, or at least most of them. By then I have had finished my coffee and on to worky stuff.

What’s yours?

Gabz @Gabz