Sorry, Not Sorry Watch Industry.

I have an addiction for five things; Watches, shoes, bracelets, beanies, sunglasses, and backpacks (wait, that’s six). Anyway, as far as I can remember since I was a kid I always had a fascination with watches. I remember having the classic Casio digital Watches, then I remember the ones with the calculator (Math teachers would always be asked me to take it off during tests, don’t know why). G-Shocks, mechanical ones, the Fossil ones with the big thick leather bands. You name it!

Until, the Apple Watch. Once I got my first Apple Watch, I think that would be the Series 0. Am I right? Ever since I haven’t bought another watch whatsoever. All I have been buying all these years it’s either the next iteration of the Watch (currently series 4, 5 might come soon or just wait for the 6) and tons and tons of watchbands. Switching watchbands and Watch-faces makes it like I can have a different watch every other week more or less – at least form me. I love the apple watch, for many many reasons, it’s an integral part of my technology and way of life and I can’t imagine it to be any other way. Sorry, not sorry watch industry!

Gabz @Gabz