I ❤ Blogs And Maybe You Should Too.

I have been reading ‘Blogs’ for as long as I have been “surfing” the web (it’s that a term I can still use?), even if at the time I wasn’t aware of what I was reading was a blog. To me was probably just another website. Then I started to get more serious about it and read more of some people’s work regularly until the day I got the “blogging bug”, sort to speak. And I am not going to lie, it took me at least a year or two before I dared to have my own blog. I guess I was just afraid that it wasn’t going to be as good or as professional as the ones I was reading. And still, I think most of them have much better writing skills than me. Fast forward a year or so, I have my own. It is not a professional blog by any means. It’s a personal blog or an unprofessional blog as I call it, It’s my online journal in some way. I have no specific topics I write about whatever I want. I just think out-loud, type it and I publish it.

Before having my personal blog, at one point I thought of Facebook, Twitter not so much, but Facebook for sure as maybe some kind of personal blog-ish. Except for the fact that, well, we all know what Facebook it’s all about. The algorithms and fake news, the trolls, the hate, privacy, you don’t truly own your content and it’s depressing. Or at least for me, it was, hence why I closed it.

Personal/Indie blogs are an amazing thing and since I’ve joined Micro.blog, it has become an even more amazing experience. It’s awesome to see so many people blogging about their interests and opinions, at a more personal level. And I don’t care how you all do it if it’s Micro.blog, Wordpress, Ghost, Hugo, plain paper (would that still be considered blogging, plain paper?). And whether it’s just personal, tech-centric or whatever is that you all blog about it doesn’t matter to me, it is all about the content.

For all of these reasons and then some, maybe you should ❤ blogs too.


Gabz @Gabz