Something I Liked This Week Volume 18.

Star Ocean First Departure R on the Nintendo Switch.

Star Ocean First Departure R It’s a remake of Star Ocean: First Departure from the PSP, which itself was a remake of the first Star Ocean for Super Nintendo. So it’s a remake of a remake? (Remakeception!!)

Anyway, I have been playing the heck out of this game for the past week or so (probably the past two weeks). And by heck I mean five hours of playing time, according to my save file. Five hours doesn’t sounds like a lot but it does feels like its been.

My only thing with this game is that, it’s a classic RPG, there’s no guidance except for some information of course through dialog with almost every NPC in the game. And if you step away from the game for a long while, good luck finding your way back into the game, since there isn’t a log system or anything that tells you what you did and what to do next. Or at least I haven’t found anything of the sorts. It reminds me of the days of Final Fantasy VII.

I am very impatient so I find myself YouTube-ing walkthroughs whenever I get stuck and find myself just wondering around like a yahoo and fighting random monsters for no reason other than xp and monies.

I have probably lost my touch with this type of game. Maybe is the reason I have never finished Breath of the Wild for example. Exploring and adventuring it’s something I lack patience for nowadays, I need the game to hold me by the hand and show me where to go and what to do next. I’ve become lazy.

Still I am enjoying the game, until I get to a point where I can’t either figure out what to do or how to beat a boss. Which at that point I will most likely rage-quit the game and damn it all out!

Screenshots from the Nintendo Website

The End.

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