A Post About Twitter.

In an effort to be more engaging in other social media, I have been making some changes. Instead of just liking or favoriting something, I am trying to reach out to whomever posted, whatever it was I happened to like, and say something — engage. And the more I think of this the more I realize that this is coming from my time in Micro.blog. Micro.blog kinda trained me to do so, it encourages interactions, to reach out to others and I think this is a behavior we have lost in other social media places — specifically Twitter. We have come lazy and possibly uninterested in human interaction. It is easier to just hit a heart bottom than to say “thanks” or “I really like what you shared, thanks for sharing”. Someone may make the argument that that’s what they mean by hitting that heart, “thank you”, “I appreciate your tweet/comment/thoughts”.

Maybe I’m recalling a very different twitter. I didn’t have these feelings about it when I first joined back in 2008. It was a place full of back and forth conversations and sharing common interests. There’s was less hate for sure. Or perhaps I am been too naive in way and too idealistic and therefore unrealistic. But it’s what I’d like to see. Then again, like I’ve said before, maybe is either the the Micro.blog-effect or the longing for an “old” Twitter. Also I need to be realistic, I can’t expect someone — that is not a celebrity — with 1k plus followers on twitter, for example, to notice my comment and say something.

Whilst I was typing this, I did deactivate my twitter.

For like 30 seconds! 😅 (wuss!) JK, LOL! I re-logged in!

But really? Do I get anything meaningful from it anymore? I feel like I don’t. I have met great people and have made some really good connections for sure. Connections and friends that I have other means to reach that is not twitter. I guess that’s the only thing, maybe missing someone’s connection in the internet, someone I really like. That would be the only downside, if any.

Then again this might just be me ranting for no reason. Maybe the fact that I forgot my meds the other night (😅). Or maybe the fact that I just finally had it? I’m going to take sometime and reflect on this. Perhaps I’m just overreacting and being a sensitive grown-ass-baby of a man. 😂


I did not forget my meds last night! (Wo-hoo!). And we started watching Dracula on Netflix and it’s, not half bad.

Gabz @Gabz