The (MacBook)iPad Pro.

This week started using my MacBook Pro again and it’s been somewhat satisfying. When I got the 11" iPad Pro I was extremely positive that it’d replace MBP and it some ways β€” and for a while β€” it did. I think I can count with one hand how many times I used the MBP since I got the iPad, at least at the beginning. But most recently I have realized that all my iOS interactions are 90% of the time using my iPhone XS. And it’s not that the iPad lacks functionality or anything like that, it’s just an accessibility matter? Like my phone it’s with me at all times so it’s easier to just take it out of my pocket and do the things.

But when I’m home and want to do something that is not on my phone, I have been going to the MBP and not even considering using the iPad. Again, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Mac πŸ’» it’s on the kitchen table, right there in front of me whilst the iPad it’s in my backpack πŸŽ’. It is definitely a weird thing and it’s not a thing about one it’s better than the other, it’s just is (el-oh-el).

The thing is, as of right now, I am a little torn between to stick to one or the other. Specially since Drafts for Mac got actions support (chef’s kiss πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ). The iPad it’s still a piece of tech that I still enjoy using, when I use it, so I don’t want to ‘let it go’ yet. The thing I appreciate the most about the iPad over the MacBook πŸ’», it’s portability. It’s easier to carry my massive HP work computer and the iPad Pro in my backpack than two laptop computers, especially when traveling for work.

Again, it is not that I can do better work on one device over the other, I can do the same kind of work on both devices, actually, in all three, including the iPhone.

Gabz @Gabz