My Instagram is getting the cuties.

I remember when I had Facebook, I would scroll through it, as you do, and every once in a while, or rather, more often than not I would find a post that would make me go “Oh-my-god you’re an idiot”. Sometimes it was something political or a very misinformed opinion over something. We all have seen those post, the ones that make you want to comment but you’d much rather “bite your tongue” instead of starting something. Because of these posts and many other reasons that I won’t be getting into, is the reason why I closed my facebook account. It was full with news and opinions that i either didn’t agree with or didn’t care about instead of good content and human interaction.

Even though I did close my facebook, I kept my Instagram account. I figured it was the least ‘Facebooky’ way to still be in contact with some friends and family. And I am not gonna lie, I do get good content from Instagram (except for the adds but that’s another post). However, lately, my instagram and the content I am seeing, it’s reminding me more and more about facebook. It is not so much on the photos themselves but in the stories. I have been seeing some of those posts were I go “You’re an idiot” and it just hit me today when I had to mute this person, it’s the first time I have had to do this on Instagram. But what tells me this will be the last time I have to mute someone?


How much longer on this Pokémon game? I’m starting to get tired of it! 😅

Gabz @Gabz