Highlights Of The Day, December 5.

  • Visited California for the first time ever, for two minutes and then we where back in Yuma Arizona.

  • Saw the Mexican/US border.

  • Lots of broccoli 🥦 and cauliflowers and counted 400 celery plants

  • Drove by a hemp field.

  • Learned that 90% of all produce we consume today, are hybrids. Thus, by definition pretty much everything we eat, produce wise, it’s considered GMO.

  • Saw a guy wearing a MAGA hat, for the first time in a Mexican restaurant of all places.

  • Because I have been eating Mexican food for two days in a row. I thought it was appropriate to do one hour on the elliptical.

  • Went to the most random place for dinner I ever been, I’m a fan!

Now, some pics!

Gabz @Gabz