Don't Waste Your Time.

I was listening to one of the episodes from The Joe Rogan Experience with Malcom Gladwell. It’s a pretty long episode, in fact, I haven’t even finished it yet. As most of these episodes go, they talked about different things but one thing struck a cord. I can’t remember exactly how they got to this or what the specific topic of the conversation was but here’s the gist of it.

(Side note: I am not going to do a direct quote but rather put together the bits and pieces that stuck in my head.)

He [Joe Rogan] was saying something along the lines of don’t waste your time in things you don’t like. That you only have so much energy, to waste it on things you don’t like, on things that have nothing to do with you.

I believe there so much truth in that. This is something we all see on the internet everyday. People criticizing and wasting energy bashing on all the things that they don’t like.

Any form of art is very subjective and there will be many things that we will come across that we’ll dislike but doesn’t mean we need to put our energy in criticizing when other people do. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong, we all like different things — we have different tastes.

Gabz @Gabz