Cutting Down On Them Subs (for now).

It makes me sad having to cancel many of my subscriptions, especially for apps that I use regularly. I need to be more mindful where my money is going and how many subscriptions I have, I wish I was able to afford them all at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean that I have other apps that are just as capable that don’t require a subscription. Sometimes it’s a matter of preference or… I don’t know what else honestly. For example, I canceled Ulysses, I really like this app, I like the interface, the way it organizes things and of course I like the icon. But I have iA Writer, this one I don’t pay a subscription and it works just as good, and some people may argue that it’s better than Ulysses. I have canceled Feedbin, as much as I love the service any of the free options would work just fine. I don’t fallow that many sites, the only thing I’ll miss is how fast it works. I won’t see the articles in my RSS app as soon as they are posted but that’s okay, it’s not like I read stuff in real-time. Carrot Weather is another subscription that, is not canceled perse, it’s more like it’s on hold awaiting review (😅) since it’s not supposed to renew until next year anyway, oh! and Apple Arcade, unfortunetly. The only subscription I have left, as far as apps/services go are Drafts, obviously, Cascable (this app is paramount to my photography workflow, I use it to transfer RAW files from my camera to my iOS/iPad devices) and Apple Music.

I still have Netflix, Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ thanks to my brother in-law, or/and to Verizon since the 1st year it’s on them for whatever reason but just the regular not the bundle, hence why we are using my in-laws account (for now). Apple TV+, somehow I got a free year, even though I did not buy a new device, I still got my iPhone XS.

Many of these subscriptions are relatively cheap, but they do add up very quickly!

Gabz @Gabz