I Don't Like To Write About Them.

Is it just anxiety, is it depression or a little bit of both? Now, this is me opening up a little bit. Most Mondays are a little blue for me, not sure why. I am not sure if it is just the typical case of “Mondays sucks” kind of attitude. Either way, I feel very off, I know for sure I did take my medication last night. It is not my job what’s causing this unease feeling of anxiety.

There are many things I love writing about in this space of mine I call a blog. I don’t like to talk about some personal struggles too much. The idea of this blog of mine was to celebrate the things I am excited about or interested in and not so much about negativity. But if I put these feelings out there, it means that I am acknowledging them as something real and that I may be able to do something about them. It’s just that sometimes that particular issues, struggles, and feelings can feel a little embarrassing to talk about – I don’t like to write about them.

I don’t think this is just a case of “Mondays sucks”, I know exactly what I am dealing with here. And to be honest I am not sure how to go about this. As much as we plan and try to be mindful, things get out of control sometimes. I try to always be composed and positive about it, that somehow we will come out of it. That we will be stable again. But days like today I just lose all positiveness and sight of my goal, stability. I get anxious, angry and very frustrated and no one to blame bust bad decisions from past Me.

In conclusion, Adulting sometimes sucks!

Gabz @Gabz