Don’t Force It.

I have been reading and listening for the past few years, about the whole whether you can do everything on your iPad or not debacle. And more so recently since (the half-baked) iOS 13 came out. Although iOS 13 was supposed to be the shit, people are still struggling whether the iPad Pro (or whatever iPad you may have) is best suited for their needs or not.

I personally grew up doing all my stuff — whatever that stuff was — using computers, mostly windows. It wasn’t until the first iPad Mini that I sort of got into the iPad ecosystem. At the time it was all media consumption — comic books actually. It wasn’t really until the 10.5" iPad Pro that I even consider it to do more with. Before the 10.5 it was all on an 2015 MacBook Pro (non-retina) and later the mid 2017 13" MacBook Pro.

I still have the MacBook Pro of course but if I’m being honest I don’t use it much these days. Now you’re expecting me to say “I only use my iPad Pro!”. Well let me tell you, 75% of everything I do on iOS, if not the 80%, it’s on my iPhone XS. Most of my blog posts are composed using my iPhone because most of the time my iPad it’s on my backpack or I have no access to it — for whatever reason. If I’m being honest, I most likely got my iPd Pro out of FOMO and not because it was gonna change my life for the better. All the cool kids got it, all the cool kids were using it and loving it so if didn’t have one, I wasn’t doing it right. I do like it myself, not gonna lie, but I knew I didn’t really needed one when first unveiled. Yet, I still got one and I do love it but I don’t swear by it to be any better than anything else I was already using. Maybe except for the fact that is much more portable but that’s it. I am not a power user nor an automator of any kind. In fact I have very little shortcuts and atomation systems, it’s all done from one place, my phone (or iPad) using Drafts.

Something I have sorta of figured out recently is that, it’s not about where I’m doing what but what’s accesible to me at that moment for a specific task. Some things just work for me using my phone because it’s in my pocket at all the times. Sometimes I feel a little hipster-ish so I would use my iPad Pro, if accesible. The MacBook, well it usually stays at home and I very rarely reach for it honestly but it still a great device to do stuff on, again, it’s just what’s accesible at the time.

Ultimately, don’t force things down your throat, just use whatever works for you and not what everyone else is swearing by. (I need to apply this to myself too) I feel like most of the time we try to make things work for us simply because everyone else in the mother is.

Gabz @Gabz