No time for Comics.

Back in… 2011? When DC rebooted the entire universe and created the New 52, is when I got back into comics. Since everything started over I thought it was the perfect opportunity to jump back in. I was reading pretty consistently and keeping up with almost every series. Mainly Batman, I became a huge fan of the Capullo/Snyder Batman run.

(Side story: that year we went to Puerto Rico for vacationing I remember looking at my twitter and find it out that PR was gonna have their first ComicCon and that Greg Capullo was going to be there. So I took one of my Batman issues with me, went there and Greg Capullo signed it. I even took a picture with him and that picture… I don’t know what happened to it. Probably in one of my old Instagram accounts or somewhere else.)

So! Comics! I was reading pretty much consistently many series and what not. Not just DC, I got very heavily into Image stuff like SAGA, Glory (most likely my first Image series I got into) and East of West  among others (like Rasputin — so good).

I have fell so behind in the past year! I miss reading comics and enjoying the good art. I miss a good Superman story, I want to keep reading SAGA, East of West and some of the new Image stuff that’s out or about to come out. The thing is, I feel like I have no time for it. There so many things I want to do when I have some free time that I don’t know what to do when I get that time! There are games I want to play, books I want to read (or listen) and many comics I want to read. I am subscribed to Comixology Unlimited  (I think I still am) and I feel like it’s wasted money at this point. At first I subscribed because I wanted to start reading Hellboy and Sandman which I haven’t start reading either of the two . I want to keep reading Thor, X-Men House of X…. So many books! So little time? Or effort?

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