"Nerding" out wrong?

For years, I think my view of what it means to be a “nerd” or tech enthusiast was very narrow. To me, it was about having the latest and greatest of technology. Whether that was having the latest Android device or OS, back in the day, or the latest iPhone, the latest laptop computer or gaming system, the latest task manager app that everyone in the mother is using, etc. Well in recent times, I have come to this conclusion that having the latest and greatest of any particular technology is not an indication that you’re “nerding” out the right way! I think its more about appreciating technology in general and get excited about it even if you don’t end up owning (or necessarily like) whatever piece of tech may excite you or hear about. Making good use of the technology, systems and/or “toys” that you already have and do the job for you. Discuss and appreciate new technology, have an opinion – without being a dick about it

As Rene Ritchie Tweeted one time

Never let anyone, certainly not the internet, shame you about your technology choices. If you get something cheaper to save money or you get the most expensive, you’re still every bit as nerdy and savvy. No one else knows your business or gets to judge your choices. Do you.

Gabz @Gabz