🔗 The Toolbox Fallacy.

By Jeff Perry,

This was a great post by Jeff, there’s so much true in this. What really struck a cord for me was the part when he references,

If I had (x) then I could do (y).

I find myself in this dilema very often. In fact I’m going through it right now. For example I have been thinking about doing my own microcast of sorts. At first was, if I upgrade my Micro.blog plan (x) then I could do my microcast (y). Now that I have upgraded my plan — if I had a better software or microphone or a topic (x) then I could actually start and record (y).

It’s a never ending cycle. I had a familiar dilema for the longest time going in my head as well before I started blogging. Until the day I started and haven’t stopped since.

#JUSTSTART (they say)

This is some good advice right here,

One of the things I have done to combat this Toolbox Fallacy was to start this new photo everyday challenge for myself.

Maybe I should create a challenge for myself, maybe not about photography but maybe to record something every day. Just record it for myself and maybe one day I’ll start posting them. That’s how I started with blogging. I made a challenge of journaling, write something everyday even if it never saw the light of day. I TIL the day I started posting.

if you find yourself in a “Toolbox Fallacy” look at what you’re saying that you “need” and see if there’s a way for you to turn that limitation into innovation. It might not always work, but for me it has allowed me to turn a barrier into a doorway.

I’ll do my best Jeff.

Gabz @Gabz