Almost did a thing?

A couple of days ago I posted about some of the frustrations I have with my hosted site in A lot of times I get frustrated over little things that normally aren’t, or haven’t be, a big deal but every now and then they come out off the woods to annoy me. And I think most of my frustration don’t come from’s service or options but more from my inability to do or have the things I want on my site, or think I want.

Last night I went ahead and signed up for Wordpress again, even got a new domain name and everything. Then it was time to set it all up. Picked up my theme, a couple of options here and there and (boom!) I had my site! Then it was a matter of download my .xml file from Mb and import.

Long story short, for whatever reason WordPress didn’t like the file I was trying to import, so that started to frustrate me a bit. Contacted the support people (both last night and this morning) and wasn’t much help and didn’t seem like they care.

Anyway, this kinda put some things in perspective a little bit.

  • It is much easier and satisfying to deal with than it is with WordPress.

  • Manton is always listening (and/or reading), more personally involved and always willing to really help. He cares.

  • has served me well for almost a year now, it’s not its fault that I’m so needy (😅). It’s working great so why leave my hosted site?

After much thinking and fiddling around, I have canceled my WordPress account and getting my refund.


Gabz @Gabz