The monster scared me.

Every other game I was either already playing or looking forward to play, has been put on hold. The reason? Gears of War 5 dropped and I’m a huge Gears fan. It was kind of out off nowhere if I’m being honest, I had totally forgotten about it. Until one day I, for whatever reason, decided to turn on my Xbox One S and there it was waiting for me! Don’t mind if I do!

Now, I have been playing pretty much non-stop since. But, I have been putting it off for the past two days or so. There’s a monster, big huge monster and I think it’s scared me a bit. (😂) Judge not please!

Just the thought of having to fight that thing stresses me out. I don’t like big monsters chasing me, I don’t like that!

Anyway, one day I will brave-up and beat it. As for now, I’ll watch Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba on zee Hulu’s.

Gabz @Gabz