Today I have learned about JOMO “joh-moh”, (🎶 Yomo dale, que tu sabes de eso. Dejale caer to' el peso 😅), the joy of missing out. I should probably subscribe to this idea. Every year there’s an Apple Event, and every year (well, almost every year) I say “Nah, I’m happy with what I got”, “I do not need the latest phone” bleh, bleh bleh! But as it was pointed out on this article that I referenced earlier today,

We are also easily distracted by new shiny objects. We’re driven by FOMO (the fear of missing out) and suckers for what Cal Newport terms the any benefit approach.

and also says,

As long as the new and shiny provides some benefit, we’ll happily chase it. Instead of stopping to ask if this is the best thing to be doing right now, we plod along because (at least at some level) it feels good.

The Article touches in something much deeper but given what’s happening in the tech world, sort to speak, these two ideas resonated with me very much when I read it.

I am the one who, since my first iPhone, the iPhone 4, I have managed to upgrade my device every single year. And every single year I find the most little justification, for an upgrade. “Oh the screen it’s better”, “Battery life, the said I get an extra hour, an extra f*cking hour they said!”, “The camera, the new camera is the best!”. Believe me, even if the new phone it’s relatively identical to the new one, I will find a reason to upgrade.

That being said, the truth is, most of the time is just FOMO.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”

Almost everyone I follow, listen or read from, will be talking about these new Phones (and Watches) and how awesome they are. Consequently, I’ll be coming up with all these justifications as of why I need to get the latest when what I currently have, is just fine (and I’m still paying for it, thus making my phone bill more expensive than it needs to).

Yes, I could sell my current phone and cost the new one that way but I loath the whole deal of selling things. Which is why it’s a lot easier to just order my new one from Verizon and send them my old one without worrying about the “tear-and-wear” of the device or any of those intricacies.

Did I like what they announced? Yes, very much I did. Would I love to get an iPhone 11 Pro? Heck yeah (that green one looks hot!). Is it the best thing to be doing right now, though?

So, JOMO…?

Gabz @Gabz