On RSSes

I have been an RSS user for a couple of years now. I probably got into it around the time when Google decided to kill Google reader or whatever it was called. I have tried a couple of services and I think the one I have been using for the last few years has been NewsBlur. My RSS clients of choice, Reeder 4 and Unread: RSS Reader, always jumping back and forth between the two. Recently I have switched services, to Feedbin. I am really enjoying the service, it’s great, highly recommended. But here’s the thing, Feedbin have released their own app and even though it’s not super full featured like Reeder and Unread, or even Fiery Feeds, the app is great! It’s easy to add new feeds to it, it’s super simple and so enjoyable to use for some reason.

For now I have both Reeder and the Feedbin app installed but keep using the more the later than the former.

Gabz @Gabz