Today as I was walking towards the break room (side-note: the break room is actually pretty far from my office but I like to take breaks from my desk and walk) when I passed by the site’s manager’s office, the door said Ciriaco (can’t remember the last name) and immediately the name stuck in my head. I know I have heard this name before. Then I remembered that It was a hurricane!

The 1899 San Ciriaco hurricane, which I remember my grandparents and teachers talking about it when I was a kid. The San Ciriaco hurricane was the deadliest, before Maria, hurricane in the history of Puerto Rico.

500 people died, mostly from drowning.

Damage: $20 million (1899 USD)

Fatalities: 3,855 direct

However Hurricane Maria killed more than 4,600 people.

I did not experience neither of these hurricanes, one was way before my time and of course I was here in the states when Maria hit Puerto Rico.

The ones I remember the most When living in PR are, Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and Hurricane Georges in 1998.

Gabz @Gabz