An random questionnaire.

Today at work they gave me some kind of questionnaire, as part of my new-hire orientation activities. It was kind of strange because as simple and silly as it was (or appeared to be) some questions had me really thinking (or overthinking).

First question:

  • What’s your favourite color?

I really had to think about this one long an hard. Usually my answer would be Purple but then I second guessed myself. “But I also like red and pink, sometimes orange”. For the purpose of just answering the question I said Purple

Second question:

  • In which store would you max out your credit card?

That’s easy β€” Best Buy.

Third question:

  • How do you like to spend your free time?

(Ha! They said free time, hilarious!!)

When I have free time, Photography, hiking and video games.

(I forgot to add writing/blogging)

Fourth question:

  • Three items in your bucket list.

Own a Porsche (but will settle for a Tesla), visit Spain and that my daughters would sleep all night β€” by themselves β€” with no mom or dad’s intervention!

Fifth question:

  • Favorite food?

Pizza it’s my favourite kind of cheese and donuts my favourite kind of bread.


  • Something we should know about yourself.

I really enjoy photography, specially street photography, I micro-blog and…_(can’t remember but I know I put something else down).

Seventh and last question (that I recall):

  • What vegetable would you be and why?

Potato… because vodka and fries!!

It was random and kinda fun, I think.


This morning we woke up with a chicken in our garage. No idea where it came from or why. Now, that is random!


Gabz @Gabz