I wear it on my right.

I have always been a watch guy, since I was a kid, and like most people out there, I used to wear them on my left wrist. Yes, used too. Nowadays I wear my Apple Watch on my right wrist with the crown also facing right. I have tried other configurations with the watch like wearing it on the left with the crown also facing left but I didn’t like it as much, well, maybe I should revisit. Why the right, though? Well, probably I saw someone wearing it that way so I got curious and had to try. First thing I notice, I was activating Siri or the S.O.S. feature less frequently. My watch for whatever reason its always so down my wrist and close to my hand that, under certaing situations (mostly physical activities), my hand accidentally activates something it shouldn’t. By wearing the watch on the right with the crown also facing right I don’t have those accidents anymore.

Gabz @Gabz