Remember Compact Discs?

Yesterday I spent a big portion of the day without my iPhone. Why? Because I am an idiot and I bricked it the night before, or so I thought. Well, things is I was also left without access to my music library or Apple Music, so I had the question! What am I gonna listen to on the way to work today? I hate public radio so that was not a option, then I remembered that Compact Discs (CDs) are (or were) a thing and that I might have one or two laying around in the car! And voilĂ , Menos el Oso by Minus the Bear saved the morning!


The iPhone is fine, it was just stuck on DFU mode and for whatever reason I would not turn back on for me! Took it to the Apple Store after work, Apple wizard did the same thing I tried to do, except that for him it worked (WTH man?). Both my pride an intelligence were unintentionally insulted, laughing out loud .

Gabz @Gabz