Pixelated Panda (Pixelat3dPanda)

For over 10 years I have had the same Gamertag on both my Xbox Live and PSN accounts — Batbriel. The tag has some history for sure, way back from the Gears Of War days (the first GoW)but I grew tired or bored of it. I think it’s the only “online” handle that has lasted this long actually. Even my Twitter and Instagram handles have changed over the years, at least once. So I have changed it from Batbriel to Pixelat3dPanda, at least just on Xbox Live.

As I have grown older I have starting to have a thing for Pandas, I’m not sure why but I do. So for a while I knew that if I was going to change any of my online handles, it was going to be Panda related. Why pixelated? Well, I like pixels, pixels have always been related to gaming and I’m not sure how much this had to do with but I’m a fan of the Pixelated Podcast so, that’s how the pixelated part came into play. Also had to switch one of the letters “e” for a 3 because obviously the all letters version was taken.

Anyway, Pixelat3dPanda is the gamer tag on Xbox Live if you want to add me. For now I’m playing a lot of Overwatch so, cool cool!

Gabz @Gabz