Something I liked this week Volume 11.


I know I’m late to the game but I just happened to pick this up today and so far, I like it a lot. There was also some “per-pressure” involved (two of my coworkers are currently playing the game) and the fact that the game was on sale so — had to!

I have only played for a couple of hours but I can already tell I’ll be spending a few hundred hours on this game, kinda like when I got into Destiny a while ago.

I started playing as Soilder: 76, in my opinion the most basic character. Basic in the sense that’s probably the best character to get familiar with the game specially you are familiar with first-person-shooters then this character will be very familiar. Obviously I don’t want to be stuck using only this character so I have been spending a some time in the training mode. This way I can experiment and get to know some of the other characters in the game, which there are about 30.

If you’re still playing this game and want to add me to your party or something, I’m Pixelat3dPanda on the Xbox Lives.

We’re all soldiers now.

Gabz @Gabz