Something I liked this week volume 9. (Again)

This week I had decided to give another visit. I have tried this service before with different approaches every time. Unfortunately always found a reason to stop using it and keep my personal blog hosted with Wordpress. I like Wordpress, it is relatively cheap, works as intended and don’t have to fiddle too much with it. What got me into Mb was it’s simplicity. Wordpress gives me too many options to fiddle with, I know that may sound strange to complain about. With too many options about customizing my site, it’s a problem for me, I can never stick to one theme or design, I am always changing it. With it’s more simple, there are only a few options available and that is it. Yes, you can get a little more technical and change things here and there but that’s not something that I’m neither interested or too knowledgeable about doing.

Anyway, this time around I am fully into microblogging, I am truly having fun with it. Not having to worry about too much about the format I post, it doesn’t have to be long format, it can be a simple post and I don’t feel guilty about it. Yes, it is a very different community compared to twitter and sometimes I feel like I’m having difficulty fitting in. But its definitely a good opportunity to connect with a different set of good people, we’ll see.


I had decided to remove about 50 percent of the stickers I had on my MacBook Pro this morning, it was rough.

Gabz @Gabz