I take it back!

On a previous post, I had made the following statement:

Not long ago I wrote a little bit about my every day carry setup. Well that also has changed in a way, basically I had downsized from the Synapse 25 to the 19 Liters. Turns out I am going back to the 25, it is nice to have that extra space, even when sometimes that extra space isn’t necessarily taken advantaged of. But in the past two weeks I have found myself in situations were I wish I had the extra space. So I guess I can say that my experiment has been successful and obtained the data I needed? (el-oh-el).

Well, I kinda take that back. I did move everything from my Synapse 19 to my 25. As soon as I put it on before leaving the house I was like “nope”! I have gotten so used to the size and the convince of the 19 that now the 25 seems way too big! And yes all that unused extra space that I had mentioned. So I’m back with the 19, it suits me better, I think I can deal with the one or two situations in which the extra space could be needed. I still think the 25 is perfect when traveling though. When I’m traveling I want to have as much room as possible, but for the day to day carry, the 19 liters is the best option for me.


My new lens should be arriving sometime tomorrow! (Happy dance 💃)

Gabz @Gabz