I did a thing!

Well, I did a thing. After so much thinking and “planning” in my head, I ended up doing something entirely different from what I said I would . Instead of getting the new iPad Air, I end up with an 11” iPad Pro. It was one of those things that just happened to work out perfectly I guess. I don’t have to many thoughts on the device other than the fact that I love the design, it’s pretty snappy and the size — love it. First thing I did was to download comiXology and, OMG, reading comic books on this thing it’s a delight! I am yet to get the keyboard for it, I’m picking it up tomorrow, so at the moment I am typing on the glass like an animal (😅) and even that isn’t bad at all. Now, what I am thinking on doing is to use this device exclusively for a week or two, for things I’d normally use my MacBook Pro for and see if I miss anything from the Mac or if I can survive and do everything with the iPad.

Gabz @Gabz