I am a sucker for Japanese Animation, I could probably talk about it for hours but not today. A few days ago my wife found this tv anime show called Dororo, on Amazon Prime. Today I finally had a chance to check it out. As I’m watching it, it started to bother me, like I have seen or read this story somewhere before. Turns out! It was on a video game I had played a long long time ago. The game was Blood Will Tell for PlayStation 2, published by SEGA back in 2004. Based on the manga series from the manga creator Osamu Tezuka in the late 1960s!!!

I am only 1 and a half episodes in and it’s great! I mean, not only I’m familiar with the story but it’s feudal Japan type scenery, swords and daemons. I don’t need to much to be sold here.

Gabz @Gabz