Task managers, task managers...

This is a never ending topic for me! I own them all, I’ve tried them all — loved and hated them all. Lately they all have become, in one way or another, a cause of mental stress. Constantly moving from system to system and never been completely happy with them and stress free. So the obvious choice at this point is to go back to the basics, lists and simple reminders. For this purpose I have always been a fan of the stock Reminders app, except for the fact I don’t quite like the way it looks or it’s organized. And here’s where GoodTask comes in. I have always liked this app, it doesn’t give me mental stress other apps do. The best part is that it doesn’t require too much fiddling or setting up on my part. of course you can make things as complicated as you want of course. The app can be very powerful too, Tim Nahumck did an amazing overview of the app a while ago here.

Anyway, going back to “basics” kinda fits with my theme for this year of Simplifying. We’ll see how it goes.

Gabz @Gabz