Fun times!

It’s seven fifteen, finally get to leave work and head home. Not before I stopped at my local Apple Store. I had “broken” my computer over the weekend and today was my appointment at the Genius Bar. Needless to say, my MacBook Pro is alive and kicking, all is good in the world, I’m heading home. I finally made it home, it’s around eight thirty, usually the girls are both asleep by now. As my normal Tuesday nights, I got out of the car, took the trash out, I hadn’t even closed the garage door when I get text from my wife asking if I had made it home. She was in the middle of taking a bath when baby Luna (2mo) started crying. I went in the house dropped all my stuff, grabbed Luna, I figured she was hungry so I start preparing her bottle of miracle grow. And, a soon as I got done with it, Marley (almost 3yo) shows up! “Papa I want milk”

Now it turns into a “divide-and-conquer” scenario. Luna’s milk is ready, my wife is done and she takes over. I go and prepare a bottle for Marley and head over to her room with her until she falls back asleep. She goes back to sleep and I go back to the living room to find out, Luna is still hungry, I prepare another bottle! And, as soon as I’m done preparing the second bottle, Marley, shoes up, again. Back to her room with her I go!

Now Marley is sound asleep, I don’t hear Luna crying anymore — it’s over!


Now Luna is fighting her sleep and I take over. It is now it is a little pass ten o’clock and its finally over.

Fun times!

Can I have a glass of wine now, before bed?

Gabz @Gabz