Here we go again!

The theme for this year is Simplify in many areas of my life as possible. One of this areas was around task managers.

Instead of struggling with finding the “best” one or the most suitable. I basically went back to a simple system — Reminders. I have realized that I don’t need a complex system for the few tasks I have. I just need a place to capture things, that’d be Drafts and a place with lists and notifications. So reminders works fine, although I am using GoodTask 3 : To Do List to manage my tasks/reminders.

Well, maybe life is about to get a little complicated. I went back to the drawing board, downloaded all the task managers I have used in the past and thinking about which one would be the most suitable.

First one I downloaded was OmniFocus, this is probably the task manager I have used for the longest, also the most underused. There so much power in this app and I only use a small percentage of it. The main thing I love about this app it’s the location based tags, probably my most used feature that always draws me back to this app.

Second, I downloaded Things 3. I find this app to be the happy medium between a very powerful complicated app and a much less complicated one. Is not as intimidating as OmniFocus but it could be just as powerful. But if it gets “underused” I don’t feel as bad. The feature I love about this app is the Upcoming tab. I like it because it gives me a clear view of what’s coming up, in a nice clean timeline/list.

Third one, Todoist. As far as UI, Todoist is probably the most boring of the three and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. I love the simplicity, totally love the fact that I get the number of items by the project names, so I’m always aware of how many items/tasks are in each project or list, if any. Also natural language, that feature alone it’s what makes me use the app.

Other things to consider:

  • Both OmniFocus and Things 3 are apps that are bought and paid for, no subscription. Both of these apps are in both my Mac and iPhone.

  • Todoist, it’s subscription based, however, is the only one (at the moment) with web access. My current job it’s windows based so it’s probably the only one I can access, not from my phone.

All that being said, I think I will probably stick to Things 3, and it’s mainly because of the upcoming tab. I am always paranoid that I will oversee or miss something, having the upcoming tab/list it’s a way for me to have a glimpse of my feature — nothing will escape my sight!


Anyhow, if I could create the own unicorn task manager, first off it would be called Totodo. It would have the look of Things 3 with the upcoming tab, the location based tags from OmniFocus and the natural language (and the number of items in each project/list) of Todoist.


Gabz @Gabz