Two Beers and a Marley has become Gabz/mL ,Gabz per milliliter ? Let me explain a bit, my name is Luis Gabriel Santiago, my friends call me Gaby, some call me Gabe but others just call me Gabz (not sure why but they do)! The mL, well, it does have that scientific reference. A reference to my degree and related jobs and it’s also a “pun”, the “m” is for Marley and “L” is for Luna. Marley is our first daughter (almost 3yo now) and Luna is our second and most recent addition to the family (she’s almost 2mo old).

Hopefully this will stick! I have been playing with many ideas about the identity of this blog for a long time now. Going back and forth, specially since it has taken an entirely different direction and meaning since I moved it to from WP. It is a whole different concept and idea from the one I had when I first started it almost two years ago.

So, yeah, Gabz/mL it is!

Gabz @Gabz