I have been doing some clean up in the past two days. More like trying to simplify, if you will. I guess that’s the theme for this year — Simplify.


In an effort to make Instagram a little more enjoyable again I figured some clean/simplification might help. I went through and unfollowed a lot of accounts. Again, trying to make my time line more simple and relevant to me. However, all the adds are getting more and more annoying.


Unfollowed, unfollowed… and more unfollows. Had to! It was long time overdue. Did some serious clean up to my timeline, again, simplifying (in a way). I realized I followed to many tech people (that complain a lot), tech news accounts, useless ones that don’t add any value.


Too many shows around the same topics over and over. Recently I have been subscribing to some new shows that I am really enjoying that aren’t necessarily tech related and unsubscribed for many tech related ones.

Task Managers

Instead of struggling with finding the “best” one or the most suitable. I basically went back to a simple system — Reminders. I have realized that I don’t need a complex system for the few tasks I have. I just need a place to capture things, that’d be Drafts and a place with lists and notifications. So reminders works fine, although I am using GoodTask 3 : To Do List to manage my tasks/reminders.


I was looking through all my subscriptions and realized that I had way too many. Specially for apps that I already have another app that does the same exact thing but without a subscription. Or subscriptions to apps that I no longer use. So I cancelled a lot of them. Some of them I’d still love to support them even if I don’t use them as regularly, but right now I need to save as much as I can. It’s is what it is, I guess.

That has been some of the changes I have been making so far. I am sure I’ll be making more changes in order to make things more simple and a little bit minimalistic.

So yeah, Simplify


I have never been so much of a Star Trek guy. So a coworker today suggested a couple of movies to watch. Will try to check them out soon.

Gabz @Gabz