I did a thing!

Not long ago I posted about basically me deleting Day One and how I now keep a “journal”. Well, today I have installed Day One again, after listening to the Automators podcast episode #14: Automated Journaling. At one point in the show, if I recall correctly, they mentioned something about been able to automate journal entries into Day One using IFTTT. The idea is that anytime I publish something to my Micro.blog it will also create a journal entry in Day One. This idea to me, was reason enough to give Day One another run.

…blogging (microblogging now) became my way of keeping a journal

Since I have changed the way I do journaling, making automated entries without changing my workflow made sense. I created and applet in IFTTT for this purpose. And as expected, all the work it’s behind the scenes and it works perfectly (so far).

I want to thank @ronguest on Micro.blog for helping me setting this up. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate his help.


I am continuing with my photography challenge. It’s a new month, that means a new lens to use. I’ll give some kind of update soon. ;)

Gabz @Gabz