Podcast bankrupcy

I am declaring podcast bankruptcy! Too many good shows, so little time, I love podcasts and they love me (I think). Really, there are too many and I keep getting behind. Before I was able to keep up with the same amount of shows but I had more “time”. Whereas now, things are a little bit different. There are still a few shows that I will listen to as soon as they come in, like, Siempre es Lunes, Fundamentally Broken, Do By Friday, The Pixelated Podcast and The Menu Bar. The rest of my queue, a lot of times episodes just pile up and even end up deleting them. Another problem is that many shows that I have in my queue, they all talk about the same topics, just in different ways. Sometimes I feel like by listening to one of them I, by default, have listened to all the others. I guess at this point is better to delete everything and start again and see what are the shows that I really want to spend whatever little time I have. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to explore other things and topics too.


I have been playing with iA Writer, on both iOS and MacOS and I am in love (so far).

Gabz @Gabz