Health Update for November 9, 2018

As far as my weight goes, it’s about the same as a few weeks ago. Some of the changes I have made trying to stay in shape.

  • I have stopped drinking during the week (trying to stick to once a week)
  • I work out every single day, at least 30 minutes (make sure I close all those rings)
  • I run every other day (still sucking at it though)
  • I try to move more often at work
  • Trying to hike more often (as i used to)
  • Less pizza and donuts (so sad)

Like I’ve said, weight wise, I’m still the same. But I have noticed a few little things here and there that make me think something’s working.

  • I can use the second hole on my Apple Watch’s band (before it was the third)
  • Certain shirts don’t feel like I’m suffocating in them anymore.
  • I feel a little more fitted and less bleh!
  • I don’t get fatigued when performing certain tasks at work or around the house.

There’s still a lot of work to do and improve upon. I feel like I’m building some discipline and heading in the right direction. Although, sometimes it feels like it’s still not enough. Maybe because all the working out it’s done at my own house. I am yet to decide on which gym I want to go for whatever reason.


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