I went out.

After a long hiatus, I finally got to go out for a hike this weekend. I forgot how much I love hiking, it’s such a good way to distress the mind, and a great workout too. Also was nice to catch up with my friend Gingee and her pups, since I haven’t seen or interacted with in months. Wasn’t a very long hike, about 3 miles or so, but invigorating. It was a little cold out, we had some snow, but it melted pretty quickly too. So by the end of the hike, the trails were muddy. This is also part of my plan to get back in shape. I have been very inactive for many months now, I have gained some weight and feel physically weak. It is no secret that I have been battling depression for a while and losing my job also contributed to my lack of exercise or activeness in general. But things are starting to look up a bit, in a way. Having the motivation to go out for a hike and reaching out to my friend is a good sign I guess.

And here’s a picture of the fabulous John P.

Gabz @Gabz