Siri in the tube


The Saturday after it’s release date, I walked into my local Best Buy just to browse around whilst my parents here at a different store. Little did I know that they would have the HomePod in stock. There was only one Space Gray HomePod left, so I had to pick it up (had to or really wanted to?). Anyway, I picked one up and I have to admit I was never too excited about it before like never got my attention until I saw it in front of me. But after trying the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) for a while I thought I would give HomePod a try. Also being an Apple Music subscriber it sort of made sense I’d try the HomePod (also since I’m so invested in the Apple ecosystem). I didn’t know exactly what to expect but at the same time, I was expecting it to work somewhat like the Echo did. Set up a timer, reminders, play music and that’s pretty much everything I need (I think). I don’t have smart stuff around the house to control with — yet. So my needs for such a device are pretty basic. My first impressions were this thing is massive — compared to the Echo that is (and yes, I smelled the thing). The sound quality blew me away, I don’t think I have ever owned something in my home that sounded so good. It does a good job at hearing me well most of the time — as long as I say the magic words, “Hey Siri”. But there are a few times were it doesn’t quite work, like I’ll be asking to “Siri in the tube” to play a specific song or artist and it will tell me something like “I cannot find that in your library” (like the other day when I asked for “Medico Brujo by La Banda Algarete”). Or when we tried to play music by Cultura Profetica, we had to ask like in 5 different ways before we got the right thing. Which it becomes a little frustrating at times (especially to my wife, she has no empathy for the machine). Then again, I love how it sounds, it sounds better than the Amazon Echo for sure. And like I have said before, my needs are minimal — for now. I’m hoping that this product will get better over time because right now it feels like a half-baked product. That being said, it’s sitting in the kitchen area right next to my Amazon Echo still debating whether to return it or not.

In other news! I got 2 new video games. Dynasty Warriors 9 (which I have been waiting forever) and Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch. And I am pretty excited.

Gabz @Gabz